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This lesson:
- Class agreements
- Speaking.

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Class agreements:

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Classroom phrases:
- Can you help me with this exercise?
- How do you write that?
- When do we get our grades?
- Can we work together on this assignment?

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How to introduce yourself:
- I am..... / My name is ....
- I am .. years old.
- My birthday is on (month) June (date) 26th. 
- I live in a village/city.
- I live with my mom/dad/sister/brother.

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How to introduce yourself:
- My hobbies are ....
- The sport I participate in/play is....
- My favourite activity to do is .... 
- My favourite dish is .....
- I have pets, two dogs and a cat. Their names are.....

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To do:
What: Create a mind map about yourself. Then, using the words you put in your mind map, you write a short introduction about yourself.
How: Work independently.
Time: 8 minutes.
Help: Ask your teacher.


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To do:
What: Speeddate time! The left row keeps moving up one spot. Each of you will spend 1.5 minutes in English introducing yourself to the other with your written introduction. + Ask your classmate one question about something you still want to know about him/her. 
How: Work in pairs.
Time: 1,5 minutes until the teacher tells you to stop.


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