Writing a notice

Writing a notice
Level 1 exam
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LiteracyLower Secondary (Key Stage 3)

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Writing a notice
Level 1 exam

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Learning objectives
  • Judge how much to write and the level of detail
  • Plan and draft writing
  • Present information in a logical sequence using paragraphs
  • Use language suitable for purpose and audience
  • Use a suitable format and layout
  • Proofread and revise writing for accuracy and meaning.

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A notice should have:
  • A heading/title or
  • Some form of address to the reader e.g. 'Attention all colleagues!' or 'Dear colleagues'
  • Include formal language
  • Write a paragraph on each bullet point in the question
  • Sign off with your signature and then name.

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What did you notice about the language and tone of the notice?

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Think of a suitable title for your notice.

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How will you address your colleagues?

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What ideas do you have for the first subheading: your ideas and the activity?

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Explain how your chosen activity will help staff morale.

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  • You must have a title.
  • You must address the target reader e.g. To all colleagues
  • You can use the bullet points as subheadings and write a paragraph on each
  • You can sign off using 'Regards', your signature below and your printed name below your signature.

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