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3 Branches of Government
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Social Studies3rd Grade

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Sample Lesson
3 Branches of Government

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Welcome to today's lesson!
How are you feeling today?

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What do you know
about government?

Slide 3 - Mind map

  • Safety of citizens
  • Make laws to help set appropriate boundaries and expectations
  • Help people work together
  • Protect human rights
  • Manage public resources
  • Conduct public affairs
  • Settle disputes among citizens
  • Represent the people and their needs


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Review entire video
To Recap....
  • The U.S. Government is made up of three branches of government - the Judicial, Legislative and Executive Branches.
  • The Legislative Branch makes the laws. 
  • A law is first drafted and presented by the Legislative Branch as a bill. 
  • The President either signs or vetoes the  bill.  If the President signs the bill, it becomes a law.
  • The Judicial branch makes sure the laws are fair.

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The Speaker of the House is the lead representative of the House of Representatives. He/She/They are also the third in line in the succession of presidency.
Supreme Court Justice
Speaker of the House

Slide 6 - Drag question

Based on the video we just watched let's do a quick exercise and match the images below.
Using www.LessonUp.app ask students to match the the branch of government to its representative. One branch of government will have two answers.

How many branches does the government have?

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Let's start with a quick question.
Group Time

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Why is there three branches in the U.S. government and are they all necessary?
Please explain.

Slide 9 - Open question

Work in groups. A new group member will present the response to the class during review and share.

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In your group's opinion, what is the most important branch of government and why? Give three reasons to support your answer.

Slide 11 - Open question

Work in groups of 3 and discuss the question. Provide an answer for your group and be prepared to share with the class. Elect one person from the group to discuss your answer.