Unit 5/6 - Y3 - Lesson 3

Unit 5/6
Test in the next testweek
(17-05 till 21-05)
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Unit 5/6
Test in the next testweek
(17-05 till 21-05)

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In class today:
Unit 5:
Reading (Fairy tales)

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Match the types of stories with the book covers

Crime novel
Science fiction novel
Historical novel
Horror story
Short stories
Romantic novel
Travel literature

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What are some fairytales you know?

Slide 7 - Open question

Hollywood fairytales - match the titles to the pictures
Hansel & Gretel
Red riding hood
Snow white

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Who are the brother Grimm?

Slide 10 - Open question

Catherine Hardwicke has made
Several films have been produced
Brothers Grimm shows how
Films based on fairy tales have
Teenagers are often interested
When you compare the films to
famous writers meet the heroes
turned out to be extremely
the stories are based on,
in characters that are evil,
a name for herself as a director
that remind young people of the
stories they enjoyed as children.
you will notice big differences.
of films for a teen audience.
successful commercially.
and villains of their stories.
angry or unhappy.

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Do you agree with the statement that many teenagers are interested in the 'dark' side of life? Why or why not?

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Relative pronouns

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Complete these sentences from the text.
A group of Neanderthals are sitting around the fire in a cave, [ ... ] they've just finished eating a big meal together.
He wants to get some berries, [ ... ] wants to share with everybody.
Everybodyhas always respected storytellers, [ ... ] have been important members of many societies.
These stories come from previous generations, [ ... ] wisdom and knowledge they contain.

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The rule - Relative pronouns

Slide 15 - Drag question

Transform the sentences
Combine the two sentences by replacing the words in CAPS with one of the relative pronouns.
Replace the full stop [ . ] by a comma [ , ]
(who / whose / which / where)

Write your sentences carefully, mind your spelling!

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One of the world's greatest storytellers is Stephen King. HE has sold more than 400 million books.

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Many people love his horror stories. THE HORROR STORIES are often quite shocking.

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The best storyteller I know is my uncle. HE lived in India for several days.

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End of this class
To practice vocab you can use the quizlet wordlist

(You can also download the wordlist there)

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