V3J Recap Comparatives and superlatives (26th of Septembre)

Pre-university year 3
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Pre-university year 3

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Today's Programme
*Check answers worksheet (part of your homework)
*Video: of a paralympic athlete who competed in the Winter Paralympics of Sochii (place in Russia) in 2014. 
* Recap words and expressions
* Recap grammar: Comparatives and superlatives

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We are going to watch a video of a paralympic who's roughly about your age. She is physically disabled. Despite her missing some of her limbs (ledematen), she still competes in skiing competitions at a very high level. At various moments, the video will stop and you'll have to answer questions. My question to you is, please react respectfully while watching this video. 

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What does she say about meeting other disabled people at the camp?

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What did she do to get mentally ready for the race before the start of the race?

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Career option 
You can study to become a prosthetic designer by studying.. 

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Recap of the words..
At the test there will be these types of questions: 
-A). Gap-filling. There's a selection of words and you need to fill in the correct word in the gap. 
-B.) Direct translation (translate the words from D-E) 
-c.) Gap-filling + translation: You need to fill in the correct translated version of the word in the right gap. 

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Yesterday Ajax lost against Feyenoord during a competitive match. The 1. _____________ of the team apologized for the terrible performance. He said: "It was a very 2. ____ display. We didn't create any opportunities to score at all. we as a team will have to sit together to come up with a new 3. __________ to even remain in the national 4.____________."

choose from: competitie, verschrikkelijke, aanvoerder, enthousiast, divisie (competitie), professioneel, strategie

Slide 9 - Open question

1. He's an ___________ of ours. We have known him for approximately five years (more or less).
Knowledgeable person

Slide 10 - Quiz

"One band member of a band was disallowed by the organization to play at a concert in London. He had been rude to one of the fans. "This 1._________ behaviour won't be tolerated", said the spokesman of the venue. One fan had politely asked if she could take a photo with him. The 2. _________ fan, had waited patiently for her moment to ask the lead singer to take a picture with her. Later, the lead singer apologized for his behaviour to the fan. It was very 3.______________ of me. I should have thought about how she had waited so long to just take a picture with me. I am very sorry.
Choose from: cautious - modest- obnoxious - thoughtless- generous

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Speaking about those words..
Misschien handig voor het leren (ik zal ze straks even herhalen); Sommige vertalingen van de Engelse woorden kom je tegenwoordig niet zo vaak meer tegen in ons taalgebruik (misschien dat deze extra Nederlandse vertalingen helpen!)

Het gaat hier om de volgende woorden: 

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Lesson 5 (page 49)
considerate = attent (denkend aan een ander
reserved = gereserveerd, terughoudend (erg rustig) 
impulsive = impulsief (dingen doen zonder erbij na te denken)
at the time = toentertijd (op dat moment, rond die tijd
timid = schuchter, timide (erg verlegen)

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The athlete is _________(courageous) person I've ever known. Despite all odds, she proves that she can win a golden medal.
courageouser than
the most courageous
more courageous than

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Your sister is ___________(1. lazy) as my sister. Your sister's actually _______(2. active)! Your sister loves the outdoors and jogging. She's never competed in a running competition though. I think she's will be the ________(3. fast) athlete on the field.

Slide 15 - Open question

Herhaling grammatica
In the upcoming lessons we'll do a recap of all the grammar. Next week I'll explain the use of the relative pronouns (betrekkelijke voornaamwoorden) 

practise on www.engelsklaslokaal.nl (two links) 
-I will explain in the meantime. 

time: till ______________ 

She is an athlete who inspires others. 

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