Y2 - Present Perfect

Present Perfect
P. 14 of your student's book
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Present Perfect
P. 14 of your student's book

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- Learn how to use the present perfect
- Learn how to use just, already, yet

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He's just finished his painting.
He's already sold the painting.
He hasn't finished his painting yet.

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Present Perfect
How do you make a present perfect?

You use have or has (I have, they have, we have, she/he/it has)
You use the third form (voltooid deelwoord) of the verb (usually with -ed at the end, but watch out for irregular verbs!)
  • I have walked
  • The movie has begun

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Present Perfect
You use it for ...

1. An event that started in the past and still continues in the present.
  • Lisa has been my friend for five years now.
  • I have had a room of my own since I was 12.

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Present Perfect
2. With words like just, already and yet.
  • I have just come back from England.
  • Have you cleaned your room yet?

Other signal words are for, since, always, ever and never.
  • We've never beaten that team yet.

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Present Perfect
3. If an action is already finished, but the result is still important.
  • Dad has painted that door, so don't touch it. (He's finished painting, but the paint is still wet.)
  • Look, it has snowed! (It has finished snowing, but the snow itself is still there.)

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Make a present perfect: he / has / not / breakfast / yet.

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Make a present perfect: it / rain / all day.

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Make a present perfect: they / just / finish / their / homework.

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Make a present perfect: the / concert / sell / out / already.

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Make a present perfect: she / go / to the library today.

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Please go to ...
Page 14 of your Think Student's Book
Do exercise 3, 4, 5, 6
We'll discuss in about 10 minutes

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