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Period 2

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Period 2

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This lesson...                                                    online, 45 min

  • Create a classroom in lesson up (wait for instructions)
  • Explanation about the upcoming period 
  • Short assignment to work on this lesson/homework

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Create a classroom for b1d

Listen to my instructions and fill in the given code!

Now we created our own classroom in lesson up and we will use this in many lessons. The lesson is not only visible at the digibord but also on your own device/phone. We will use this for distance learning especially!

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Period 2...

  • We will work on creating our own character
  • At the end of the period: test 
    (a performance for a grade, in groups)
  • You will also receive a grade for attitude/groupwork

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What is a 'theatrical character'? 

  • A character is a person or other being played by an actor
  • The character is fictional 
    (made up, not existing in real life)

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Go on the internet and find an example of a
'theatrical character'
(can be from out of a movie/serie/online video/game/etc.)

Slide 6 - Open question


  • Create a new front cover for period 2.
  • Use inspiration from characters to create
     a front cover collage for your character...
  • Think about:
    - who is your character
    - what does he/she look like (clothes/props)
    - things he/she loves/would say/would do/ etc
  • Example of a collage --->

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Period 2

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Period 2

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Period 2

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Start working on it now!
- Look for inspiration on the internet or start drawing
- Look up pictures/quotes/lyrics/poems/whatever 
and save them on your Phone/mail them to yourself so you can use them at home while making the collage.

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This lesson

  • Check homework: collage
  • Warming up
  • Continue with the performances  'stressful situations and how to react in character'

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What is essential for a good performance?

Slide 13 - Mind map

A good performance has....

  • Focused actors
  • Storyline with beginning - climax - ending
  • Clear use of space and of voice
  • Take time to make things clear
  • Speak! Talk! In english ofcourse

Let's check if everyone's got these points involved in their performances!

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Test assignment

  • New groups (4 to 5)
  • Pick a famous fairytale and adapt it to modern times
  • Your characters are going to play the roles
  • (f.i.: little red riding hood - an insta- influencer, the big bad wolf - a business man, etc.)
  • performance: +/- 5 min
  • First: sit down and write down your new fairytale first

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