Technology and Human Interaction

Technology and Human Interaction
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Technology and Human Interaction

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What do you think?
  • How has technology affected the way people interact with each other?
  • How can people be engaged in meaningful relationships without technology getting in the way?

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  • How did people do this...

before the Internet?
after the internet?

  • What effect has this had on people interaction with each other? 

  1. Listening to your favourite music in the car
  2. Shopping
  3. Planning a holiday
  4. Preparing a nice meal
  5. Finding a new job
  6. Dating
  7. Finding someone to provide a service
  8. Sharing pictures with friends

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Take notes of these questions:
  • Who are Millennials and how would you describe the character traits of this generation?  
  • What do younger generations look for in an ideal job these days?  
  • Why might younger people find it difficult to work for an employer, after they've experienced years of bad parenting?  
  • Would you say chat mobile phones have an addictive quality, rather like alcohol? Explain your answer.  
  •  Are people more impatient today than they were before the arrival of the internet? Explain your answer.  
  • What kinds of things in life can technology not help you with?  
  •  Do companies have responsibility to help younger employees find more fulfillment in work and in life? Explain.  

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The Power of Talk
  • What do you think is meant by the phrase 'the power of talk'?

  • Why do you think a writer would title a book 'Reclaiming conversation'?

  • What is the value of having face-to-face conversations over digital contact?

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