English speaking countries

 English-speaking countries.
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EngelsMiddelbare schoolhavo, vwoLeerjaar 2

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 English-speaking countries.

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What will the upcoming classes look like? 
Start with your assignment!

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Introduce yourself

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Bring the following items with you to class

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To start
  • Get your laptop
  • Go to lessonup.app
  • Log in with the code
  • Enter your first name

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What would you like to see in these lessons?

Slide 6 - Mind map

Name two do's
Name to dont's

Slide 7 - Open question

3. Form groups 
4.Brainstorm in your groups
5.Work in your groups

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Learning targets
1.The student is able to collaborate with each other in English.

2.The student gains specific knowledge of an English speaking country.

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  1. As a group, you will become an expert in an English speaking country.
  2. You will look up information about: sights climate, culture and customs.
  3. You're also free to choose additional that's linked to your country of choice.

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Presentation about South Africa.

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The English Speaking countries that you will become an expert on:
1. The UK
2. Australia 
3.The USA
6. Ireland

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Choose a country and a group!
Canada:        UK:       US:     Australia:        New-Zealand:          Ireland:

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Brainstorm in your groups
  • Watch the video that's related to your country.
  • Write down topics that you would like to discuss.
  • Start by making a PP about the country of your choice.
    Digital (Canva / Word)  or use a piece of paper.
  • Interview a native speaker that´s from the country of your choice.
  • Make a PowerPoint (1 slide for each group member).
  • Make sure that you are able to tell something about every topic.

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Next week:
  • Finish your Poster.
  • Make a list with interview questions.
  • Make sure that every group member has access to a shared document.
  • Email your questions (jnl@gsr.nl)

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