4m - Writing a Review part 2: Writing Boogaloo

4m - Writing a Review part 2
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4m - Writing a Review part 2

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Succescriteria for the writing lessons
  • I can explain in my own words the conventions for writing an FCE review
  • I can write a review that is up to FCE standards within the 40 minute time limit.

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Succescriteria for today
  • I can tell that informal language is used in an FCE review.
  • I can list the structure of an FCE review.
  • I can deconstruct a review brief
  • I can use the deconstructed brief to get the information I need for my review
  • I can write a draft version of my review.

  • I have given feedback to one of my peers 
  • I can use 2 new informal adjectives to improve my FCE review
  • I can use 2 new informal linking words to improve my FCE review
  • I can consolidate the writing rubric to assess my own work.

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I feel confident that what I have written yesterday would be sufficient for the exam
I am not sure

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What type of language is used in an FCE review?

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I can list the structure of an FCE review

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What does SMART stand for?

Slide 7 - Open question

S = Specific
M = Measurable
A = Accurate
R = Relevant
T = Time bound

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How to give SMART feedback
1. Be specific --> Focus on one thing only (E.G. They missed something from the brief or the type of language is wrong)
2. Make sure that it is relevant to the task (the review)
3. How can they improve it or where can they find the information if needed. (E.G. remember, reviews should have a title that is about just the name of the book/place/etc + a review)

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To start with: Self-assessment
How do you grade your own text on the basis of the rubric?


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Create SMART feedback for yourself

Slide 12 - Open question

Now: Peer feedback
Look at a text from someone else

How would you grade the text your classmate wrote?
Also create a SMART feedback point for your classmate and write it down on a sticky note.

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Adjectives and linking words
Identify the ones you used in your own text
Mark both the adjectives and the linking words

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Improving what your wrote
Rewrite your text using:
- The new adjectives and linking words.
- The SMART Feedback you wrote for yourself.
- The SMART Feedback you made for your classmate.

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