How to perfect your English pronunciation

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How to sound like a native speaker

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Dutch and English are related

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Dutch influences in English

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Dutch influences in English

Slide 7 - Mind map

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Which sound in English needs attention in your speaking?
The "round" vowel (medeklinker)
The hard "T"
The "R" sound
The "th" sound

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You will go into breakoutrooms in pairs.
Talk about anything (as long as you are speaking English)
Try to focus on your pronunciation
Give eachother feedback!

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Warming up!

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Work in pairs
The aim is to make the other student say 'yes' or 'no'.
For example:
Student A: "Are you happy?"            Student B: "I'm very happy"
Student A: "Are you a woman?"              Student B: "absolutely!"
Student A: "Do you like icecream?"   Student B: "I do, do you?"

>>> extra challenge: do not repeat your answers.

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Just a minute!
Work in groups of 4
Each groupmember talks about a subject for 1 minute
Try to use as many different words as possible

Extra challenge for AUS:
to speak for one minute without hesitation, deviation or repetition

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Subjects to talk about

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