New Year's Resolutions

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What do you think of when you hear: "New Year's Resolutions"

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This lesson you...
...know what New Year's resolutions are
...learn more about the history of New Year's Eve by reading texts and watching videos
...think about your own New Year's resolutions and write a letter to your future self

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What are the New Year's Eve traditions in the Netherlands?

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Read one of the following articles on the history of New Year
(easier -purple, harder - yellow, difficult - blue ) 
After reading there is an assignment to check your understanding

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What was the main subject of your text?

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Spring Equinox
January 1st
New Year's Resolutions

Sacrifice to the Gods
Chinese New Year
Julius Caesar
Longest year in history

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Which New Year's Resolutions did you make this year?

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What helps you to stick to your New Year's Resolution?
Getting paid to do something
Putting a lot of energy into it in the first month
Adding it to something you already do
Making a habit out of it

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Letter to future self
On the paper provided write a letter to your future self:
Dear me, 
1. Tell yourself how old you are, where you live and who you live with.
2. What did you think of 2022? What was the most important thing that happened to you? What was the most enjoyable?
3. What is your New Year's resolution and why? 
4. What will you have liked to achieve by the end of this year? 
5. How do you envision next year (2024)? 

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1. Peer feedback - Read each other's letter and give each other feedback

2. Discuss your letters with your teacher

3. Set a new goal for yourself - what do you want to work on/improve?

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How are you going to stick to your new goals/resolutions?

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What shall we do for a class outing on January 26th?

Slide 18 - Open question