Oefenles SE-1 3e klas _Lamb to the slaughter

Welcome back
First week of starting offline lessons :)
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Welcome back
First week of starting offline lessons :)

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What are we going to do?
-Oefenvragen verhaal: lamb to the slaughter
-vragen over SE? 

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Tips voor oefenen SE-1
1-Leer de vragen goed uit je hoofd.
2-De vragen zijn in het Engels, je antwoordt in het Nederlands! 
3-Maak een samenvatting van jouw boek, leer ook de titel en schrijver!

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Who are the 2 main characters in the story: Lamb to the slaughter?

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What do you think Patrick Maloney tells his wife?

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Why is Mary going to do some shopping?

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What is Mary planning to cook for Patrick?
a leg of lamb
fish and chips

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why is it so special to stay home tonight?

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With which weapon does Mary kill Patrick?
baseball stick
a leg of lamb

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What does Mary do with this weapon?

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What does Mary tell the police about the death of Patrick?

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Where do the police officers think the weapon would be?

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Why do you think Mary is happy that the police officers are eating the lamb?

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Give your opinion about this story and explain it:

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That's all for today!
How sure are you about your test up to now?

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