Numeracy lesson 1

Please sit in your 'sit spots'
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Primary Education

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Please sit in your 'sit spots'

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Learning Intentions
WALT: Learn numbers 1 to 20 and the different ways you can represent 20.
We will have a group discussion about numbers and we will play a matching card game to help us with our ‘number sense’.

WILF: You to share ideas about where you have seen numbers and when you have used numbers.

TIB: Number sense is important because numbers are everywhere and we use them everyday. Number sense will help us use money well,

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Make a Circle

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Discussion: Where have you seen numbers?
In the classroom?

On your body?

In technology?

When we make choices, such as food choices?

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Different ways to represent '20'

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Matching flashcard game!

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Is there anywhere else you have seen numbers?

Let's add these to our chart.

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