Lesson 2. Conversations

Lesson 2.  Conversations
Introduction to English (A1)
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Lesson 2.  Conversations
Introduction to English (A1)

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2 weeks ago
- Review present simple (am, is, are)
- Review present simple (shit rule) 
- Introducing yourself

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What have you learned the last 2 weeks?

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Goals of Today's session
- I can tell the group 5 facts about myself
- Using don't/doesn't (present simple)
- Asking questions: Do you, Are they, Am I...? ( present simple)
- Having a conversation

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2 weeks ago we talked about the verb 'to be' (am, is are) and the shit-rule (I like, he likes). Let's practise!

Work on the assignments on the next 2 slides

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I                      at a school.
He                  in Haarlem.
Peter                  to go dancing each Saturday.
Peter and Tanja              together each Monday.
We               2 dogs and 1 cat
You              a very nice person

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Practise with introducing yourself

My name is ....
I am...
I like...
I work at ...
In my free time I like to ....

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Saying it isn't so
I don't like horses
Petra doesn't like to go to work on Sundays
We don't own a car 
I am not happy about the rain
Petra isn't old, she is only 28
John doesn't know how to ride a bike
Petra and John don't know each other

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The old man always sits in his chair.
the old man always
in his chair?
Maak van de gewone zin in de present simple een vraag. 

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In pairs
- Introduce yourself to each other
- Tell 5 facts about yourself ( I love, I like, I hate, I don't like..)
- Ask your partner 5 questions
- Act out and practice the conversation

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