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Welcome back everyone!
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This lesson contains 15 slides, with interactive quizzes and text slides.

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Welcome back everyone!

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Today ... 
Talk about your holiday (5 minutes)
Look at your werkhouding (10 minutes)
Story: Pair work  (15 minutes)
End: putting the story together + Feedback (chromebook) 
15 minutes

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What did you enjoy?
What did you expect?

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What I expect from you: Do your best doing explanation
                                          Work in groups/pairs more 
                                           Talk during your breaktime 

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Various skills: 
Reading + Speaking 


Goal: find and ask information by asking and answering questions in order to complete a task. 

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Work mode: PAIRS
Each one of you has a text. 
Student A: begin reading. When you reach a gap (1) ________________ask your partner to tell you the word and write it down. 
Don't show your text to your classmate (partner). 
After you are finished, Student B reads their text. 
Finished? Write down what your text is about - what happens.

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Each text is a piece of a story.
When you are finished - write down what happened.
At the end, we will build the story together. 

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Read the text & fill in the gaps. 

Write down what happens.

(you can discuss this with each other)
15 minutes

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Putting the story together.
Text 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 

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Lezen: Nadat ik mijn tekst had ingevuld, begreep ik waar het over ging.

Slide 10 - Poll

Het lezen van de tekst was... (moeilijk, gemakkelijk, oké... omdat...)

Slide 11 - Open question

Zeggen waar mijn tekst over ging was... (makkelijk, moeilijk, zo en zo.. omdat..)

Slide 12 - Open question

Feedback: Wanneer we deze activiteit opnieuw zullen doen, zou ik graag ...

Slide 13 - Open question

Wrap up 

What did we do today? 

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Next time... looking at your feedback and practice again

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