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EngelsMiddelbare schoolhavo, vwoLeerjaar 4-6

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  • Instructions on how to present
  • What should your Powerpoint look like? 
  • How will your presentations be graded?
  • Practise presenting 

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  • Ik weet wat er van mij wordt verwacht bij het maken van een presentatie
  • Ik weet wat de aandachtspunten zijn bij het maken van een Powerpoint presentatie 

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Instructions on how to present

  • You will present in English. 
  • You will present in pairs.
  • The presentation will be given during class time. 
  • You will be allocated a slot in week .....
  • The topic is up to you, but should be appropriate in level. Try to find appropriate vocabulary, grammar and information. I do not want to hear about your pet. 
  • For topics you could consider: your favourite book/author, a movie/director, a country/capital city, an elaborate discussion about a sport

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Instructions on how to present

  • Each person should present for about 5 minutes. In a pair you should present for about 10 minutes.
  • You are not allowed to read out during your presentation, so you will either learn your part by heart or bring a cheat sheet/cue cards with the most important points. (5 words per person maximum)
  • You will stand in front of the classroom while presenting. This means that you are not allowed to sit down, even when you are not the person who is talking at that moment.
  • Presenting with someone else means working together. It should be clear that you have worked on the Powerpoint together, but also that you wrote the story together. 

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What should your Powerpoint look like? 

  • Making a Powerpoint presentation is mandatory
  • Your Powerpoint presentation should at least contain the following slides:
    - a title slide including what you are presenting about, your names and class (and probably a photo/picture)
    - a contents page including what you are going to talk about during your presentation
    - a couple of slides containing information about the topic/subtopics
    - a slide containing the question whether there are any questions
    - a final slide with some sort of conclusion 
  • Powerpoints should not contain (too many) complete sentences, use key words.
  • Powerpoints should contain pictures/photos to support your presentation
  • Powerpoints should be in (correct) English.

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How will your presentations be graded?

  • I will grade your presentation. 
  • You will be graded on: use of English (vocabulary, grammar, sentence structure, fluency, pronunciation), production strategies, content, whether you've followed the assignment properly (time, powerpoint, working together)
  • Marks will be returned in the week after the final presentations.  

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What is expected from the class during the presentations? 
  • You listen respectfully during someone else's presentation. 
  • In pairs, you think of at least two questions you could ask the students who are presenting. 

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What to do?
  • Make groups
  • Decide on a topic 

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End of the class
Make sure you have filled in your group on the list. 

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