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This lesson contains 11 slides, with interactive quiz, text slides and 2 videos.

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Your Goal

You can use much/many/little/few/a little and a few to indicate quantity
You can write sentences in the past simple
You know what's going on in the world while improving your listening skills

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So, today

Recap: tag questions
Instruction: much/many<>little/few<>a little/a few
Grammar exercises
BBC Newsround

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Okay, what do you remember?
We looked at tag questions, didn't we?

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When do you use tag questions?

Slide 5 - Open question

much/many<>little/few<>a little/a few
In de volgende twee video's wordt deze grammatica uitgelegd.

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Do exercises 15 and 16 if you made 2 or more mistakes in CU 3 and/or 5

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Look back and forward
Today you learnt how to indicate quantities with much/many/little/few/a little/a few. You also practiced with making sentences in the past simple.

Tomorrow, we do a video mock test. Make you sure you have a pen, paper and the PDF file with questions.

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