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Movie/series review
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Movie/series review

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Student activity (while watching):

Here is a list of questions. Read through these questions before watching the film/series and answer them all as you watch or afterwards.

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1. Who is the main character (hoofdpersoon)? Please describe...

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2. How is the main character dressed and what does this tell us about him/her?

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3. Kan je zien in welke tijd de film zich afspeelt? Zo ja; waaraan?

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4. Are there any other important characters? Who are they and why are they important?

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Movie/series review (after watching)
Answer the question with at least 4 sentences (=zinnen).

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Your rating:
How many stars does this movie/series deserve according to you?

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Which character did you like the most? Explain why.

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2. Which part of the film do you like the best? Explain why.

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The end

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