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Finland is a country in northern Europe. Finland belongs to the Scandinavian countries which also include Norway and Sweden. It is the most eastern country of the Scandinavian countries. Finland borders Sweden to the West, Norway to the North, Russia to the East and the Baltic Sea to the South, Southwest and Southeast.

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Finland is slightly smaller than Norway or Germany or Montana/USA. Finland's land area is about half the size of Texas/USA. The country is among Europe's most sparsely populated countries with Iceland, Sweden and Norway. A flight to Helsinki takes a three hours from London/UK, or eight hours from New York/USA.

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The highest point in Finland is the Halti on the border to Norway in Lapland. It is 1 324m high.
Finland has over 187 000 lakes and is the country with the most lakes. Finland has the largest lake district in Europe.
Finland borders three countries: Norway, Sweden and Russia with the longest border shared between Finland and Russia.

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As Finland is one of the most northern countries and the area extends into the Arctic region, you can experience the Northern lights and Midnight sun in Finland. Helsinki is the northern capital city of continental Europe. Finland is among the most forested countries in the world..

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Finland is the most forested country in Europe. Finland is the only Scandinavian country that uses the Euro as their currency, while all other Nordic countries have not joined the European monetary union.

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Most families have their own sauna at home or some visit public saunas as well. There are about 1.5 million saunas in the country - with 5.5 million inhabitants! The official languages in Finland are Finnish and Swedish. Finnish belongs to the finno-ugric languages and together with the Hungarian language is often said to be one of the most difficult languages to learn.

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Készíts jegyzetet az alábbi videó alapján! (HUN)

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