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Lesson goals
After this lesson you will
  • Know the elements of a book review
  • Can identify good and bad examples of a book review

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A book review
1. What is the goal of a review?
2. Who would write a review?
3. Who would read a review?
4. When would you read a review?
5. What makes a review good?

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We are going to take this book as an example for today's lesson

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quick assignment (5 min.)
go to goodreads.com and look for the book 
Skim through the reviews on it.
Note which review you prefer and why?
Which aspects grab your attention, make you trust the review?

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What to Include in Your Book Review
A title
A Hook
Essential Book Information
Basic Plot Summary
Your Praise and Critique
Your Recommendation
Your Rating

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The title:
  1. Should trigger my interest
  2. Connects to the review

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Which title would be best for the review?

Best ideas in The Hate U Give
/The Hate U Give/: A review on the characters
Justice and injustice in /The Hate U Give/
Why The Hate U Give is a good book

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The introduction:
  • Should start with a strong opening ( a hook)
  • Should contain title, author and broad opinion
  • Should not contain any details yet

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What could be
a strong opening?

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Strong opening
  • Question
  • Interesting fact
  • Title and setting
  • Meaningful quotation
  • Author
The Hate U Give begins with Khalil, Starr’s childhood best friend, shot by a white police officer after the events of a party.

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A “hook” is a line that catches your audience’s attention so they’ll continue reading your review instead of scrolling past it.

Your hook could be a compelling or provocative statement.
Or even a question.

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How many bodies should this review consist of?
more than 4

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Paragraph 1: Discuss the plot
Paragraph 2: Discuss the characters
Pragraph 3: Discuss the theme(s)

Your opinion should be linked to the book
Each paragraph should have at least 1 supporting quote!

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Name themes a book
could have.

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Topic sentences
The first sentence of a paragraph summarizes the main point(s) of the paragraph.

In The Hate U Give, Starr grows as a person throughout the plot, whereas Hailey shows very little growth. 

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Linking words
Within paragraphs and between paragraphs
Coherent and connected
Be creative, use different linking words 

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Which linking words
do you know?

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The conclusion should:
  • Include a recommendation
  • Not include new information
  • Should have a strong ending

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"I would recommend this book, because I really liked it and I finished it quickly."
Strong recommendation
Weak recommendation

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"It is worth the read, because it leaves you with tears and laughter, but it also has a strong message."
Strong recommendation
Weak recommendation

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Avoid using the same words over and over again
Avoid simple adjectives and language
Try to challenge yourself!

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very angry

Slide 24 - Mind map

very bad

Slide 25 - Mind map

very good

Slide 26 - Mind map

very big

Slide 27 - Mind map

  • Think what you are trying to achieve and, in the introduction, of the structure of your review.
  •  You should also start a new paragraph for every item/aspect you are addressing in your review.
  • Try to make it interesting by using a wide range of vocabulary comparisons to describe something; specialized topic vocabulary.

  • Give your assessment of what you are reviewing and points mentioned in the task input.
Include a final recommendation or evaluation

  • Language of opinion (positive, negative), recommendation, description is necessary.

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  • Read a wide variety of different reviews to help you with learning appropriate language use, such as the right adjectives, and it will help you learn how to describe and explain. Furthermore, it teaches you how to give an opinion, positive or negative, and make a recommendation.

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  • What I liked most was …..
  • I was pleasantly surprised by …..
  •  ….. would appeal to …..
  •  If you get a chance to ….
  • What I disliked most was …..
  • I was (very) disappointed by ……
  • I was (intensely) disappointed with …..
  • I recommend/suggest [title/name] to + person
  • I recommend/suggest + -ing
  • I recommend/suggest that …
  • You should + base verb
  • You might want to + base verb

"Did you know.....?" - Ask a question in the review to make the reader more interested in what you're saying.
"give it a miss" - this means do not watch or read the book/film/television series.
"It will have you in hysterics" - this means when you cannot stop laughing.
"...gives a great account of..." - this means the book/film summarizes or describes something very well.
"the plot was dull..." - this means the story line was boring.\
I would strongly encourage you not to miss/not to waste your money on...
I would definitely recommend reading/having a look at ...
Being a bit of a film buff/book worm, the news that … released a new film/book had me itching to see/read it.
Having never seen/read… before I approached … with a sense of trepidation, not knowing what to expect. Soon however, all fears were allayed.


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Every pair chooses a review 
What is good, what could be better and how?
  1. Title
  2. Introduction
  3. Body --> Topic sentences
  4. Conclusion
  5. Word use (linking words/adjectives)

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Which 5 elements should a review have?

Slide 32 - Open question

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