Teaching writing

Teaching writing
Writing a personal profile
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Teaching writing
Writing a personal profile

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What information would you include in a personal profile?
My name, my age, how much money I earn
My personality, my job, my hobbies
My age, my address, my phone number
My interests, my family, my future plans

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Task 1.
Read Charlie's email and try to find ten mistakes (grammar, punctuation, spelling).

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Task 2. Comprehension check

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Where is Charlie from?

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What's his real name?

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Who does he live with?

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What does he do?

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What does he look like?

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What's he like?

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What are his favourite free time activities?

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Task 3|Hometask.
Write a similar email about you or a person you know.  Write four paragraphs.

Paragraph 1
name, nationality,age,family, work/study
Paragraph 2
physical appearance
Paragraph 3
Paragraph 4
hobbies and interests

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