speaking lesson 12/02/2021

Welcome back!
Welcome to today's speaking activity. Let's end today's class with some discussions. 
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Welcome back!
Welcome to today's speaking activity. Let's end today's class with some discussions. 

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What is the mood of today? Do we have any plans?

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So today we will be doing all kinds of exercises and a lot of speaking as well. We will also be watching a ted talk so all skills are triggered with today's class!

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Warm-up: 5 min
In pairs talk about these points:
a) How do you think big data, tattoos and immortality can be connected?
b) What can an electronic tattoo be?
c) What information about you can be found on the Internet?
Big data= all the data of a person available on the internet

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Please link the word to the correct definition
To express strong emotions
the ability to live forever
To learn something
Unable to concentrate because of something
To tell someone that you will hurt them
Figure out

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We are going to watch a ted talk about this subject and answer questions after it. 

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1. What examples of electronic tattoos did the speaker mention?

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2. What does the Facedeals camera do?

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3. How does the speaker change Andy Warhol’s theory?

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4. Which characters from the Greek mythology did the speaker mention?

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5. Who was Jorge Luis Borges?

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Discussion time: 7 min per round
So we are dividing the group in 6. Every group has its own discussion point. Please talk (IN ENGLISH) about this topic for 7 minutes. I will come by listening to what you are saying. 

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The discussion points
1.  How large is your electronic tattoo? What information and where do you share with the world?
2. How can Juan Enriquez’s pieces of advice help us?
-be careful what you post because it influences your reputation
-don’t look too far in the past of those you love
-think twice before posting anything
-don’t fall in love with your own image
3. How do you understand Warhol’s words: “In the future, everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes”? Is this good or bad for us?
4. Do you think people are not anonymous online? How can we be anonymous on the Internet?
5. What kind of data should people want to keep private?
6. What problems can come from being immortal online?

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Let's divide the class in groups and switch every round!

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How did the discussions go?

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Do we slowly get more comfortable speaking English?

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How would you like speaking skills to be taught in class?

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Enjoy your weekend and see you next week!

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