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What to expect?
  • Answering questions about the film
  • Watching the film 'Coach Carter'. 
  • What does a review look like?
  • Writing a review (after watching)
Lesson goal: expanding your vocabulary and writing in English.

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Introduction (before watching):

What does a review look like?

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Tips for writing a review
1. Be clear and specific: When you write a review, talk about what you liked or didn't like about the film. Try to describe what it was like for you, so other people can get an idea of what to expect. Also, try to say what's special or different about the film.

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Tips for writing a review
2. Be honest: Write about what the film meant to you, and explain what you thought about it. Be fair, and try to say both good things and bad things.

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Tips for writing a review
3. Be polite: Remember that people who made the film might read your review. If you didn't like something, try to explain why in a way that can help them improve. Don't use bad words.

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Tips for writing a review
4. Write clearly: Check your spelling and grammar, and don't use too many big words. A short paragraph is a good length for a review.

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"Stranger Things" is a show on Netflix that takes place in the 1980s. It's about a group of friends who find out about some weird experiments happening in their town. They also have to deal with some supernatural things that could hurt their town.

The show is really good because it's exciting and scary, but it also has some really nice moments about friendship and family. The people who act in it are really good, especially the young people. The show also looks really cool because it looks like it's from the 1980s.

If you like science fiction or scary stories, you should watch "Stranger Things". It's really good and you will want to watch more of it after you finish.

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During watching
Answer the questions about the film. You can use it for your review. Keep the tips we just discussed in mind.

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Your rating:
How many stars does the film deserve according to you?

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1. Which of the characters impressed you the most? Explain.

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2. Which part of the film did you like the best? Explain why.

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Write a review about the film 'Coach Carter'.
 100-150 words 

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The end

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