Matilda, entire book

the entire book
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the entire book

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We'll go over the entire book, devided into two parts.

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The introduction
To refresh your memory.

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How old was Matilda when she first learnt to read?

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What's Mrs Phelps' profession?

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What's the name of Matilda's brother?

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What game does Ms Wormwood like to play?

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In which country does Matilda live?

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How does Micheal feel about his father's job?

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Where do the Wormwoods eat their supper?

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Describe the way the glued hat is removed from Mr Wormwood's head.

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What's the parrot's name?

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Where does Matilda hide the parrot?

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What is Mr Wormwood's first name?

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What was the name of the boy who ate the cake?

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Chapter 16 - the end

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When does Matilda first discover her powers?

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Does Mrs Honey have running water in her home? Explain.

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What happened to Mrs Honey's mother?

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Who lives in Mrs Honey's house?

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Why is Mrs Honey so poor?

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Matilda practised her super powers. What object did she use?

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Why did the Trunchbull leave?

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Why does Mr Wormwood agree to leaving Matilda behind?

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Test on Matilda

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