Listing and Life Events

11/10-11/18 Listing and Life Events
11/10-11/12- Listing
11/15-11/16- Life Events
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American Sign Language9th Grade

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11/10-11/18 Listing and Life Events
11/10-11/12- Listing
11/15-11/16- Life Events

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ASL Notebook/On your own
  • Today we will review listing/ordering and when to use it (this time we are applying it to age) 
  • In your ASL notebook:
  • Watch the following video and take notes 
  • Order the following people on slide 4 from youngest to oldest. Practice signing them.

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Slide 3 - Video

I have five siblings including myself. List us in order from youngest to oldest including myself. (Practice signing them)
Aaron 13
Sally 3
myself 16
Bobby 8
Lee 20 

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  • Double-check Schoology to see if you have anything missing
  • You can work on homework 

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-Review Shoulder-Shifting and when to appropriately use it
-Review-Listing/order people 
-Connect shoulder shifting and listing techniques to age
-Learn about Life events and connect them with age

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Turn to a partner and sign ages 13, 14, 15

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Let's go over some

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  • We have looked at listing in the past, but let's look at listing for age 

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Slide 11 - Mind map

In the past when have you used listing in ASL?

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What is listing? When do you use it?
  • Making a visual list of information such as names or ages is called the Listing and Ordering Technique. 
  • This technique is used most often when providing several details about one or more persons or things. The non-dominant hand forms the list with each new bit of information signed by the dominant hand.

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Slide 14 - Video

Which example was incorrect, why?

Slide 15 - Open question

True or False: You should drop your listing hand when each bit of information?

Slide 16 - Poll

Let's Practice

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Today 11/15-11/16
  • Review age, listing, and ordering
  •  Learn life events and apply age to each event

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What is the difference between listing and ordering?

Slide 20 - Open question

If I want to tell you about my siblings and their ages what method should I use?

Slide 21 - Quiz

If I want to tell you about my favorite foods, what methods should I use?

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Partner Time
Let's Practice

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Life Events

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life events

Slide 25 - Mind map

Life Events
to get something
to graduate
high school
pass down, descendants

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What's the best age?
There are life events that happen/occur based on your age. At what age do people do the following things?

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graduate hs
go to HS
start school
College, Vocational School, Work force

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to get (something)

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tend to

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to graduate

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what year will you graduate hs?

Slide 34 - Mind map

high school

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Drivers License you have?

Slide 37 - Poll

My first car

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to pass down, decendants

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should vs need
The difference between need and should is the NMS. Raise your eyebrows with should.

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Slide 43 - Video

Practice Time

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Best Age Continued
People tend to or to get ________ at ________.
1. Start School
2. Have email
3. Learn ASL
4. Work
5. Learn to read and write
6. Graduate College/Vocational School
7. Play sports
8. Join music or theatre

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People Should... what should or shouldn't people do?
1. Visit grandparents
2. Practice Signing
3. Help old people
4. Be Mean
5. Drive tired
6. Look at their cell phone when driving
7. Visit family
8. Have a cat or dog

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should vs must/have-to
1. Go to school
2. homework
3. study
4. ask for help
5. drive safe

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Review Months

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On your own
  • Take the life events that we have learned and create 5 sentences (don't forget to include age).
  • Example: AGE 16 I EXCITED FOR-FOR (what for) DRIVERS LICENCE 
  • Work on homeowork

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