Types of Relations

What type of relations do you know ? 
  • Linear
  • exponential 
  • Quadratic
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What type of relations do you know ? 
  • Linear
  • exponential 
  • Quadratic

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Give an example of a linear formula

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Stand up if you know how to write an exponential formula

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7.1 Quadratic formulas
If you look at a table and see that the differences between the numbers on the bottom row are not equal then you know it is not Linear.
Now look at the differences between these differences. Are they equal? 
Then you know that the table corresponds to a quadratic formula.

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7.2 Directly and inversely proportional
Directly proportional y=cx 
y-intercept is zero so goes through origin
Inversely proportional (when product of variables is constant)
xy = c 
can also write y=c/x or x = c/y

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7.3 Fractional formulas
The graph of a fractional formula is a hyperbola.
The graph has two branches.
It also has two asymptotes. 
See theory on page 255 and 256
ex 16 t/m 20

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7.4 Power formulas

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7.5 Square root formulas

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7.6 Tables and formulas

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p.272 Summary exercises S1 t/m S7

p.276 Test yourself exercises T1 t/m T7

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