File 3A- Comparatives and Superlatives / use of like

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Can you guess?

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That's rather buggy!

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1. 10 minutes reading
2. Book Talk idea
3. Comparative
4. Superlatives

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When are you going to give your presentation? 

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File 2B: P.28

Choosing between comparatives and superlatives

Exercise 4 p 28
Exercises on page 136

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Comparative adjectives
An adjective is a part of speech that describes a noun
old, cold, hot

A comparative adjective is used to compare two nouns
Sue is smart
Sue is smarter than her brother.

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For short adjectives we add - er
Tall     Taller
Short      Shorter
Old       Older
Young       younger
Small     Smaller

consonant - vowel- consonant   hot / big
become hotter /bigger 

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What about two sylable adjectives?
Two sylables that  end with a 'y'
Happy  becomes happier (replace the 'y' with ier)
Angry becomes angrier (replace the 'y' with ier)

Two sylables or more that don't end with a 'y'
honest - more honest
difficult - more difficult 

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one syllable and a short adjective                        add -er       smarter
Two syllable adjective that ends with a 'y'       add -ier       happier

Two syllable adjective that doesn't end with a 'y' or a three syllable adjective like expensive then use more

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Comparative adverbs
We use comparative adverbs to describe two actions.

My father drives faster than me.

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We use superlative adjectives and adverbs to compare people, things or actions with all of their group.
-est >He is the tallest man in the World.
the least/ the most> She is the least stylish person I know.
He is the most stylish person I know. 

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Try to do some serious reading....
Book presentations start next week 

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