2 - Governments in Greece 2.3

2.3 Governments in Greece

Which different governments did the poleis have? 
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2.3 Governments in Greece

Which different governments did the poleis have? 

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At the end of the lesson you can name the 4 types of governments in Greece 
- Democracy 
- Monarchy 
- Aristocracy
- Tyranny

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Take notes!
This is a lesson-up lesson, so keep Word or a notebook + pen ready

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What is a polis?

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What did all the poleis have in common?

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Monarchy: a form of government led by a king. 
- 1 person makes the decisions
- His children inherit power 

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Which country is still a monarchy?
The United States
The Netherlands

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Why is it hard to be sure if a king will be a good leader?

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Aristocracy: a form of government in which a small group of noblemen have power. 
Nobles: important families (adel)
- They took decisions together 
- Only a small group of people

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Would you prefer to live in a monarchy, or an aristocracy? Please explain why

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Tyranny: a form of government where one person takes power
A tyrant is a hard, unfair ruler. 
He often comes from the army.

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What is the difference between a king and a tyrant?

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Democracy: a form of government where people vote for decisions/rulers. 
This was only in Athens
Only a certain group could vote!

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Which groups could not vote in Athens?

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What now?
I'll give you back your test
Check the points, add them up. 
Listen carefully.
Raise your  hand if you have a question. Ask a lot of questions!
Sometimes I'll ask someone to read out their answer. Pay attention!

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What now? 
Make from assignment 1, 2, 3 from 2.3
You can make it online or in your workbook 

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