Reading strategies

Reading strategies
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Reading strategies

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Why should you practice reading?

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Why practice reading?
  • Find useful information online
  • Learn about different topics 
  • Improve your vocabulary 
  • Learn new sentence-structures 

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Reading strategies
  • Skimming (aim = general idea of the text)
  • Scanning (aim = specific information)
  • Using context (aim = reading to deduce meaning)

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Skimming is a reading technique that involves selectively focusing on the main ideas of a text.
  • Look at pictures if present
  • Read the title and subheadings
  • Read the introduction and conclusion
  • Read the first and last sentence of each paragraph

Use when you need to know the main idea of the text

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You use scanning when you are looking for specific information. First, read the question you need information on, carefully.
  • Look for a name, date  
  • Look for keywords 
  • Stop reading when you have found what you are looking for

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Scanning practice
  • The next slide has text
  • I will give a word
  • Scan for that word
  • If you have found it, raise your hand

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Using context
How do you know what a word means without looking it up?
  • It can be explained further on in the sentence (definition)
  • Word parts (do you know parts of the word?)
  • There might be examples or pictures 
  • Synonyms or antonyms (synonym = other word for) (antonym means the opposite)

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What does the word "prudent" mean in this sentence:

She was prudent with the guest list, acting with great caution and care to only invite those she liked.

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What does the word "procrastinated" mean in this sentence:

He procrastinated all day, playing video games and watching TV instead of doing homework.

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What does the word "superfluous" mean in this sentence:

Adding M&Ms to the brownie was superfluous, extra and unnecessary.

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What does the word "haughty" mean in this sentence:

She is so humble and modest, she could never be called haughty.

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