HVG3 - 2223 - How to write a good summary

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This lesson contains 10 slides, with interactive quiz and text slides.

time-iconLesson duration is: 30 min

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Lesson Aims:
- describe situations in the stories in your own words;
- introduce characters from the stories to other people;
- identify elements from the stories that contribute to setting;
- organize elements of a plot in a story;
- analyze a scene to help you understand the characters in a story;
- you can rewrite parts of a story from a different point of view;
- explain to a classmate how your characters are built up throughout a story;
- compare setting, characters, and theme from different stories;
- choose stories that you find interesting;
- visualize situations from the story;
- predict how stories will develop;
- discuss your writing with a classmate;
- rephrase short paragraphs in your own words;
- name the stages of a plot diagram.

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First there will be an instruction on what a summary is, followed by the necessary steps in writing a summary for a review. 

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What is a summary?
- It is showing the best parts (gist) of the story;
- It is usually two sentences to a paragraph, no more than one paragraph; (+/-75 words)
- It is important to stick to the facts, without bias, opinions, or  analysis;
- It gives details about the character, setting, events, and content to the plot. 

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Steps in writing a summary:
- Read the short stories multiple times! 
- Create a visual map, marking out important parts in the short story; 
- Take notes, make a list of the key points in the short stories (using memory about the most important events, characters, skimming for the main points);
- Using own words (imagine you are writing to someone who has never seen the source material);
- When finished, proofread, edit and cut out unnecessary information. Make it short and straight to the point. 

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What will be required for writing a summary on the exam:
Vat kort samen waar het verhaal over gaat. Introduceer en omschrijf de hoofdpersoon, en de setting. Leg uit welk theme de schrijver heeft bedoeld. (+/- 75 words)

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Activity: write down a summary of one of the short stories you have read so far.

Do not use Google, use your own words! Time: 20 minutes.
You may pull up one of the short stories you have read.

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Next lesson: 
- Mock review and peer feedback
Domein: Make a mock review from one of the short stories (ask for feedback from an expert)
- Make a list of what you need to train before test week. Can you plan more keuzeblokken? 

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