Exploring the past simple

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Find the past simple of "to think" in the text.

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How do you say: "hij raakte niet aan" in English? Find the answer in the text.

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Past simple
He touched something. --> he didn't touch something.
= regular verbs
He lost a wish. --> he didn't lose a wish.
= irregular verbs

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How do we make a negative sentence in the past simple?
didn't + past simple
didn't + base form
didn't + infinitive
didn't + ing-form

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What would be your wish?

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Past simple: making questions
Did you like it? (regular verbs)
Did you know that? (irregular verbs)

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Is there a difference between regular and irregular verbs when asking questions in the past simple?

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This is the answer: Angelina Jolie played Maleficent.
Ask the question.

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Ex. 6: 1
The frog jumped into the lake.

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She made the invitation cards herself.

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Ex. 7: Aladdin found the lamp IN THE CAVE.

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