week 8

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Test starts in...

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You have 20 minutes

Done early?

Hand in your test and read Turtles all the Way Down.

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Read Turtles All the Way Down (book or pdf)
Put away your phone
Put your bag on the floor 

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Test discussion

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words: 1 point per correct answer
- different type of word: -1/2 point
- 1 spelling mistake in Dutch that does not change the meaning: indicated but not marked down
- more than 1 spelling mistake in Dutch that does not change the meaning: -1/2 point
- spelling mistakes in Dutch that change the meaning: 0 points given

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writing sentences

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to borrow - note
He want to borrow a note from me.

I note to borrow.

I have to borrow the notes for the lesson I missed.

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foreign language - interpreter
The foreigner can speak good his/her language.

I don't know the foreign language so I have an interpreter with me.

Foreign language it is interpreter not difficult.

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reason - permission
Is there any reason why I should let you go on vacation?

I don't have any reason to permission.

If you really want to get permission you should have acceptable reason.

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