To go verbs, fixing mistakes in ASL, Pronouns and Number

-To-go verbs
-Fixing mistakes in ASL
-Pronouns and numbers
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American Sign Language9th Grade

This lesson contains 37 slides, with interactive quizzes, text slides and 4 videos.

Items in this lesson

-To-go verbs
-Fixing mistakes in ASL
-Pronouns and numbers

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On your own
-Go back to the prior lesson (friendships/relationships) 
-Practice signing the vocabulary words
-You will need to know them for the warm-up
-Write down vocabulary words that you are struggling with

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Conjugating Verbs: To go, pronouns and numbers, fixing mistakes 

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-Understand how to fix mistakes when signing
-Conjugate the verb: to go, observe the basic form of the verb to go and when it is modified when used in plural form
-Use the ASL Pronoun that shows the particular number of people being talked about whenever possible.

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Warm-up: Review
Practice the following slide
Write down the vocab you need help with/forgot

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age 3
age 9
age 13
age 30
be together
get together
fall in love 
to get along
best friend

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vocab help

Slide 7 - Mind map

Whiteboard game
write or draw the vocabulary word

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best friend
to get together
to go out, leave
to be single
sweetheart, honey
break up
fall in love
to get along
together, be together

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Making Mistakes in ASL

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How do you fix mistakes when you speak/talk in English?

Slide 11 - Open question

How to fix a sign
I want to know...How Do I Fix Mistakes?
Outcomes: Integrates self-correction strategies while communicating, including OOPS, UM, and WAVE-NO;
Understand one does not need to “erase” signs or incorporate unnecessary exaggeration when making a correction.

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Slide 13 - Video

Slide 14 - Video

-Fixing Mistakes review 
-Conjugating to go verbs

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Um, uh

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Write the two sentences in your notebook.
Underline the two vocabulary words/ways they corrected themselves.

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Practice signing the two sentences

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Conjugate the Verb: to go

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Think back:
List places you can go to, think about past vocabulary that we have learned. 

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Places to go

Slide 22 - Mind map

Conjugating Verbs: To Go
The basic form of the verb to go is modified when used in the plural form.

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list pronouns we have learned

Slide 24 - Mind map

Slide 25 - Video

Practice all 6, I will ask your group to sign one

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Think about the 5 parameters, what is the difference between the single and plural verb: to go?

Slide 27 - Open question

Let's take a further look

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Practice, complete the sentence
1. Every day _______ I to go to
2. ______they're going to
3. _______They go 
4. _____You go
5. ______We go 

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Pronouns and Number

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Slide 31 - Video

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On your own
-Practice the following slides

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Practice with a Partner
1. Those four
2. You and me
3. You three
4. You and her
5. These five
6. The six of them
7. You, me, and him
8. These five
9. Us five

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Practice signing the following sentences
1. Those two are dating
2. The four of us are sick
3. You three need to study
4. You and I need help

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