Intro campaign speech

  • Welcome back!
  • Campaign speech structure 
  • Ideas for your assignment 
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  • Welcome back!
  • Campaign speech structure 
  • Ideas for your assignment 

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What is a speech and what purpose can they have?

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Speech assignment
  • 4-5 minute speech to be given in class  
  • Your classmates are your audience! 
  • You will give a speech to convince people to vote for you or to campaign for change in your community. 
  • You will be able to use note cards and 1 powerpoint slide (if you wish). See itslearning for full assignment. 

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Greta Thunberg speech:
  1. Who is her audience? 
  2. Is her language suitable? 
  3. Think about how she structures her speech.  

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Who is her audience and is her language suitable?

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A ) Opening Statement: Grab the audience’s attention and tell your audience who you are and what has compelled you to run or what it is you wish to change.

B)  Thesis statement: End your introduction with your main statement (similar to thesis statement in an essay)

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A) Point out the need:
This could be either to urge a change (point out what is wrong now) or to demand the preservation of present conditions (point out the danger of change & ramifications if they do not vote for you)

B )Explain the need:
* Give additional facts, examples, quotations to make the need convincingly impressive.
* Show the importance to individuals in the audience (Give examples of what your audience is now in need of)

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A) What are you going to do for your audience? What will you change? What action do you wish to take?

B )Explain your solution (what will happen if your solution is carried out)

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Your last chance to leave an impression.
A) Restate your main idea
B) Explain why you are the best candidate
C) optional: add a statement that your audience will remember (to recapture their interest)

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What Winschoten needs.

Slide 11 - Mind map

To do now: 
* Join the WRTS vocab group via link on itslearning. 
* Re-read through the campaign speech assignment and think about what kind of speech you want to give - what topic?

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