Paper 1 essay

Paper 1 essay
Pre-IB Year 4
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Paper 1 essay
Pre-IB Year 4

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What is a Paper 1 essay?
  • A formal essay
  •  Focus on the analysis of language
  • 500 - 600 words
  • A 5-paragraph essay (introduction / 3x body paragraph / conclusion)
  • Apply analytical devices such the Big 5, visual literacy, advertising techniques and stylistic devices

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Racism in advertising is a prevalent issue that needs to be addressed, and awareness of this problem should spread, so that it can be prevented. While this ad by McDonald’s may have been successful in targeting the African-American community in its day, it may be considered condescending and harmful today. Through the use of diction, camera angle and the bandwagon effect, this advertisement is both effective and yet condescending

Introduction contains 3 elements:
  1. The hook (something to attract the reader's attention)
  2. An introduction of the text (text type, author, title)
  3. The Thesis Statement (the central argument which you are going to prove in the essay) > this usually consists of the points of analysis + the purpose of the text

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The structure of a body paragraph is often referred to as PIE:

P = Point (the topic sentence / the argument)
I = Illustrate (examples from the text)
E = Explain (an analysis of the example)

If you follow this structure you will always have a coherent text.

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Body paragraph (3x)
This advertisement uses diction to try to relate to its target audience and appeal to its readers. This use of diction, however, may be considered racist, as it plays on stereotypes. McDonald’s uses phrases including “gettin’ down” to communicate that black people are welcome at its restaurants. Throughout the advertisement ellipses are used in replacement of ‘g’s at the end of verbs, “can you dig where they’re comin’ from?” This is the language of ‘jive’ or African American Vernacular English. The advertisement uses this kind of diction to communicate to the reader in a way that they believe is relatable, but it can be perceived as patronising if you consider that the ad was written by a multinational corporation which was probably owned and run by white people. In other words this use of language is an example of cultural appropriation. 

A body paragraph contains 3 elements:
  1. A Topic sentence (the argument to prove the Thesis Statement)
  2. Examples from the text (for example, a piece of text from the advertisement or the description of a visual) > you can have multiple examples
  3. Analysis (a discussion of why the example mentioned links to the topic sentence and thesis statement and what the effect of it is + use of analytical devices) > you can have multiple analyses

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This advertisement uses many techniques in order to convey its message to the reader. Its message, however, may be dated. Some of the techniques used like diction and camera angle would appear patronising to the African-American community today. It may have seemed welcoming to those who were unaware back then, but can also come off as offensive today. Any kind of racism or cultural appropriation in advertising must be stopped, and in order to do this, awareness needs to be spread so this problem can be prevented in the future.

A conclusion can have multiple elements:
  1. Refer back and answer the Thesis Statement > this is compulsory
  2. A summary of the arguments ór
  3. A closing sentence or final message

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How to plan a Paper 1 essay?
  1. Annotate  the text (= analyse and make notes on the text)
  2. Identify the purpose of the text
  3. Find 3 points of analysis (this is enough at this stage)
  4. Write your Thesis Statement (which is often a combination of point 2 and 3)
  5. Write your three topic sentences: each focusing on one point of analysis
  6. Keep in mind the following: the Thesis Statement (TH) is always the last sentence of introduction and the Topic sentence (TO) is the first sentence of each body paragraph.

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What could be the text's purpose?

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Which points of analysis can be found?

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What could be a possible Thesis Statement (don't worry it does not have to be perfect yet)?

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Write a topic sentence...

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  • Write part of a Paper 1 essay: introduction, 1 body paragraph and a conclusion (200 - 250 words)
  • You can use the McDonald's advertisement or find your own on this website
  • Deadline for the essay is Friday 18 February
  • You will receive feedback from me on your essay
  • Do you need more help? There is a complete sample essay in Classroom to help you out

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