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The graticule
This is a very accurate way of pinpointing an exact location of a place. 

But how does it work? 

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We have the equator at 0 degrees latitude. The equator divides the earth in the Northern and Southern hemisphere. 

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At the North and South pole we've reached the maximum amount of degrees, that is 90. 

Keep in mind that the degrees aren't the temperature, but the distance from the equator.

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Meridians of longitude run from the North pole to the South pole and run in a 360 degree circle. 
These meridians of longitude tell us wether we are on the western part of the world or the eastern part. 

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Prime meridian
This prime meridian runs through Greenwich and splits the Earth in the Western and Eastern hemispheres. 
The longitude lines go from 1 degrees west longitude until 180 degrees (half of the earth)

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The graticule
While using the latitude and longitude lines we can pinpoint the precise location of a certain place on the Earth. 

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Weather & Climate

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Discuss with neighbour

1) What is your favourite kind of weather?
2) How would you describe the weather outside? 
3) What is the definition of weather?

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Definitions to start with: 
  • Weather = the condition of the atmosphere at a specific time and place 

  • Climate = the average weather measured over 30 years

  • Meteorology = the study of the weather

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Why is the saying "Well, nice climate outside today!" wrong?

Slide 12 - Open question

Write down which 8 conditions we could observe and analyze when we talk about weather

Read pages 24 and 25!

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So what features of the weather do we know? 

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So what effects temperature?

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Does the type of surface influence temperature

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Why does the type or surface influence the temperature locally?

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Does the type of shelter influence temperature

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Why does the presence of shelter(s) influence the temperature of a certain area?

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What feature(s) could change the temperature?
The direction in which something is placed
All three of the former answers

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Reading time
- Read page 26 and 27 together. 
- Write down the hard words.
- Any questions?
Write them down!

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Assignment for grade: 
Weather forecast

Create a weather forecast for your own neighbourhood / village / city/ region.
Alone, in pairs or groups of 3. Needs to be handed in via SOM before the testweek or a youtube link to my schoolmail.
(deadline 6 december) 

Your video includes:
- at least 2 different maps
- 5 out of 8 features of weather
(page 24 in your book)
- an overall good presentation
- all students should be in the film
- explain how rain is formed in the video. 

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How could shelter influence temperature?

Slide 23 - Open question

Why does different surface influence weather?

Slide 24 - Open question

Check page 26:
Why does the "aspect" change temperature?

Slide 25 - Open question

So we now know weather changes a lot...
How does it rain then? 

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Going from solid to liquid is called melting
Going from liquid to gas is called evaporation
Going from gas to liquid is called condensating
Going from liquid to solid is called freezing

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Let's draw it together
- Grab a pencil
- Grab an eraser
- Grab colours if you have them
- Listen carefully!
- Oh... don't interrupt!

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