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How to improve your listening skills
How can I prepare for the Kijk-Luister test? 
Kijken en luisteren are not labeled as "skills"for nothing! It is something you need to be able to do. It is not the case that if you have a  kijk- en luistertoets planned for Thursday, that you can take a look in your book on Wednesday evening. A skill takes time to build up. The more you practice the better you will get. 

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Building on your "Kijk- en luistervaardigheid" skills
TV- Watch English language programme on the BBC, CNN of MTV.
Radio- Listen to  English language radio programmes such as the BBC or BBC World Service  
DVD/ Netflix - Remove the subtitles from English language films and series
Music- Look at the text from your favourite numbers and try to sing along
Audio-books- Borrow an audio book. Read and listen at the same time.
Use your phone to record your self and test your self
Internet -Make use of sites that can help to  improve your watching and listenening skills. 

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Cito kijk- en luistertoets

The following tips are mainly for the  Cito kijk- en luistertoetsen 
  • Make sure that you are rsted and relaxed before the test starts. You need to concentrate for quite long periods of time.
  • Listen carefully to the introduction and think about what you already know about the topic. 
  • First, READ the question and the answers, before you start to listen to the fragment.

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Tips for the Cito KL tests
  • Try to remember the answers in 'signal words'(steekwoorden) so that you know what to listen out for.
  • Use the pauses between the fragments to read the questions and answers
  • While you are listening, try to work out the answer. Sometimes you will hear a word that is the same as in one of the answers. THAT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THE CORRECT ANSWER.  

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ALWAYS  listen to the whole fragment and choose the best answer. 
Speakers often repeat themselves and give the answer in more than one way. 
STILL DON'T KNOW THE ANSWER???? Don't panic- just select an answer and concentrate on the next question. 

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Top Tip
Concentrate. Try not to get distracted by things happening around you. Use the pauses in the correct way. 

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TV Tips
Any Suggestions (TV / Netflix)

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Kijk Luister test is next Wednesday and Thursday. 

There is no lesson this Friday ; (

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