Culture in the Netherlands

Culture in the Netherlands 
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Culture in the Netherlands 

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  • What did we do the previous lesson? 
  • Start new chapter 

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The Dutch population 
  • Learning goal: You can give a number of reasons why the population in the Netherlands has increased. 

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Growth in the Netherlands

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Population density in the Netherlands

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Why do most people live in the west of the Netherlands?

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National migration 
  • (binnenlandse migratie) : Moving within the Netherlands to a different municipality.  

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national migration

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2.6 Culture in the Netherlands 
learning goal: You know where the language and religion differ in the Netherlands. 

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Regional differences in language 
  • The two official languages in the Netherlands are Dutch and Frisian.
  • Dialect
  • ABN (standart educated Dutch)
  • Second language  

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Regional differences in religion 
  • Atheïst
  • Mostly Christian 

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What is the difference between Catholic and Protestants?

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What is the difference between Catholic and Protestants?
  • Protestants:  Bible      

  • Catholic: the Pope, acient traditions 

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Migration and culture 
  1. People from former Dutch colonies. 
  2. Labour migrants 
  3. refugees from war zones 

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