GC1/2. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle - Week 5

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This lesson contains 10 slides, with interactive quizzes and text slides.

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Life on land and below water
 Explore the webpages in the following two slides to get an idea of what life on land (14) and life below water (15) is all about. 

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How does reusing, reducing and recycling affect life below water (SDG14)?

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How does reusing, reducing and recycling affect life on land (SDG15)?

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Assignment week 5
Create a digital poster (saves trees :) ), with one half about life on land and the other side about life below water.

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Assignment week 5
Include the following on your poster for each side:
  1. What is meant by life on land (side 1) and life below water (side 2)?
    Think of  animals, environment etc.
  2. Name and describe some of the problems that endanger life on land and below water. Think of the plastic soup, deforestation etc.
  3. What could you reduce, reuse and recycle at home that help solve some of these problems? Link it to life on land, life below water or both.

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Assignment week 5
Be creative! Use pictures, drawings, colours etc. to make your poster pop!

Upload your finished project to Simulise 

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