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‘I have read the terms and conditions’ is sometimes jokingly called the biggest lie on the internet. But there’s a truth to that. Do you know what exactly you agree to when you download an app and click ‘I agree’? In this lesson students are going to discover exactly what they’ve agreed to by installing apps on their smartphone. They are going to check the settings on their phones and discuss whether non-negotiable terms and conditions are fair. Download hier de docentenhandleiding en lesbrief:
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    Discuss: How do you think apps, such as games, can be free? They are expensive to make. 

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    Screenshot from: New York Times 

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    Three things you can always do:

    1. When you download a new app and it asks for     any kind of permission – ask yourself: ‘Is it 
       really necessary for the app to do its work ?’ 🤔
    2. 🔎 ⚙ Check your settings for your current apps
    3. 🚮 Remove any apps from your phone that 
       you don’t use

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     2. …
     4. ⛔ don’t download the app …?

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