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Digi-doener! VO Engels | Read my mind

 Read my mind
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In this lesson students will investigate the development of mind reading technology, the so called ‘brain-computer interface (BCI)’. They will learn the difference between invasive and noninvasive systems and discuss how they can protect their content that they do not want to be accessed by programs and computers. Download hier de docentenhandleiding:


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 Read my mind

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Learning about mind reading technology

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Invasive versus non-invasive

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What data do you 
reveal to the world?
Choose five different apps on your 
phone. You can find all your apps 
when you go to settings and scroll down.
1.  Click on each app within the settings environment
2. Look at what information the app receives from you, do you agree 
    with this?
3. If not, change the settings accordingly by not allowing access to this 
    type of information anymore. You can also delete the app from your 
    phone if changing the settings is not possible.

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The role of mind reading technology in your own life 

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