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In deze les zitten 16 slides, met interactieve quiz en tekstslides.

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- new term: planning
- tense revision
- start reported speech
- podcast project introduction
- return Shakespeare grades

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So this is all there is left
20 mei start reported speech/tense rev
3 juni reported speech 1
 10 juni reported speech 2
17 juni     test
24 juni  podcast project submission 

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Tense revision
Why?       reported speech does a lot of tense switching
                   they won't ever go away
How?       kahoot. Because it is fun.

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   Reported speech   

to report something
= about someone/
something else

something that is spoken

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Before you start....
- he/she said that...
- the tenses move! 
- direct speech vs indirect speech

We'll read Dogs to the Rescue 
then make ex. 4 from unit 7B (p.84)
use the  text.

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I am a very lucky man
he agreed that he was a very lucky man
I am still feeling weak
he said he was still feeling weak
the weather was good on the mountain
he explained that the weather had been good on the mountain
I have worked as an instructor on these slopes for 15 years
he told me that he had worked as an instructor on those slopes for 15 years
the weather reports hadn't shown any indication of avalanches
the weather reports hadn't shown any indication of avalanches
I can't stand up on my own
he said he couldn't stand up on his own
I'll thank the dogs and their handler in person
he promised he would thank the dogs and their handler in person
Use this to make ex. 5

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Graham said (that) he was very worried.
the tense moves one step to the past. 
We call this "backshifting"

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Andy Carroll
Andy said (that) he felt like he was doing well.
In reported speech you aften change the PRONOUN
I -> he

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Marat said that mercenaries have skills... 

Why is not backshifting okay here?

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Direct speech: the literal, exact words someone says  “I am very angry with you” 
Indirected or reported speech: when you tell someone what somebody else said. He said he was very angry with me. 

What changes:  - Tense (backshifting)  - Pronouns ( I, we, you)  - Pronouns (here → there, this → that, these → those)  - Adverbials of time (yesterday → the day before, tomorrow→ the following/ next day)  

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No stress
we'll practice more in the next few weeks

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Podcast project
I'll show you the file and we'll go through the assignment together

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what do you remember?

Slide 14 - Woordweb

Extra explanation and practice
For more explanation on the basics of Reported speech (if needed):
For more exercises (advanced and proficiency) on Reported speech (if needed):

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Video support
Here are some explanations in Dutch about Reported/Indirect Speech.

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