oil gas and drilling

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Checking what you remember
checking the homework
Exerises / questions

  1. You understand how oil, gas and coal is won
  2.   You can give examples of different types of mining
  3. You understand how fossil fuels are created

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What are to ways to mine for coal?

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Why doesnt the natural gas escape?
Its heavier then air
Its trapped in the coal
It is trapped by an impenetrable layer
It is dissolved in water

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Why would a country use fracking and not an other way of mining like open pit mining?

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Chapter 2.10

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Fossil fuel

Slide 7 - Woordweb

What would you do? In the Netherlands
In groups of 3 answer the following questions:
Would you mine fossil fuels here, what kind?
Where would you mine it? (google)
How would you mine it?
What are the tradeoffs? ( Give 2 reasons to mine or to not mine )

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What would you do?

Slide 9 - Woordweb

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