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Which of the two main characters has the stronger personalility, Macbeth or Lady Macbeth?

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Do you think that the witches are instrumental in bringing about the murder of Duncan? Support your answer.

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Why is it necessary that Banquo himself has to die as well as his son?

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Can you explain the deeper meaning of Banquo's ghost appearing at the banquet?

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When reading and thinking about the famous passage 'Tomorrow an tomorrow...' How would you describe Macbeth's state of mind and the way he feel about his life and life in general at that point?

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When everythingis going wrond in his life, Macbeth says: 'I am in blood stepped in so far that, should I wade more, returningwould as tedious as go over.' Can you explain what he means by this?

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Macbeth is described as 'an essentially noble man who degenerates into a mere criminal.' After reading the summary, do you agree with this? Support your answer.

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1: You are a employee at Macbeth's court and you have some complaints. Write a letter of complaint to Macbeth.
2: You read the play by Shakespeare and have some follow up questions regarding it. Write a letter of inquiry.

Write +- 200 words, make sure you have an address, check your writting booklet for tips. 

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