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reading class
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reading class

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What is the difference between
topic or subject of the text/paragraph and the
main idea of the text/paragraph

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Topic= what the text or the paragraph is about.
Main idea=what the writer is trying to convey in his entire message

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The longer a text is, the more difficult it can be to identify the main idea. Strategies for identifying the main idea of a text include:

Look at the title of the text, as well as any pictures or headings included
Read the first and last sentence of the passage
Note or mark any words or phrases that are repeated throughout the text
Summarize the text as best you can in one sentence (so before looking at the answer options)
Ask yourself – what was this text mostly about?
Finally: what does the writer want me as a reader to know/think/realise about this topic?

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How to distinguish supporting details from the main idea?
 A supporting detail is meant to provide evidence for a broader idea. 
If you ask yourself what a passage is mostly about, you will typically find that supporting details given are too narrow to answer that question. 

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Supporting details
Supporting details can come in many forms such as:
The 5 W’s and How
Objective facts and historical examples
Comparisons made between different ideas
Definitions of key words or phrases
Appeals to emotion
Lists, charts, or other images

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Possible paragraph structures are:

  • first sentence = main idea, then supporting details, then conclusion or link to the next paragraph
  • first few sentences introduce topic, then main idea, then supporting details
  • first few sentence introduce topic, the supporting details, then main idea 

    On the next slide you find examples of main ideas in different parts of paragraphs. 

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The author's purpose
The author's purpose is his reason or intent for writing.

Some say they're only 3, others distinguish over 20 purposes (interested? 

We'll look at 5 quite common ones.  

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