Appoggio Breathing

The Anatomical Foundations of Singing
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The Anatomical Foundations of Singing

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My Learning Targets Today Are:
  • I can explain what appoggio breathing is and what anatomy corresponds with it.

  • I can demonstrate a breathing exercise that promotes proper technique. 4. Demonstrate knowledge of the foundations of the arts area.
→ 4. Apply understanding of the health and safety issues related to creating, performing and responding to music

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Abdominal Muscle Jigsaws 
Natalie, Brandon, Courtney, Sam, Travis, : Transverse Abdominus
Holly, Jared, Darius, Amy, Chad: Rectus Abdominus
Brianna, Shoshanna, Cody, Cecile, Timothy: Internal/External Obliques
Ms. Nipe: Diaphragm

Click on the link next to your name to learn information about your assigned abdominal muscle. The next slide has a link to where you can put your jigsaw information.

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The Appoggio Breathing Cycle:
In the following slides, you will read about the four stages of breathing in the "Appoggio Technique."  As you learn about these four steps, create a thinking map that best represents your understanding.

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Stage 3: Exhalation

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Stage 4: Recovery

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Appoggio in Action!
Choose ONE of the following short clips to watch. These are all different breathing exercise that promote healthy singing habits.
Belly Breathing

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Last Thing! 
Before you go enjoy the rest of the day, here are the following things I need from you.
1. Record a short video to flipgrid about what breath exercise  you watched.
2. Send a picture of your  breath cycle thinking map to my email:

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