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Good morning
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Good morning

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Today's lesson
- News flash (English speaking countries)
- Case Study
- Writing a letter
- Kahoot
- Survey

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News Flash

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Solar Eclipse (US, CAN & WW)

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Indig. peoples die in custody (AUS)

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Plane's Cowling Fell Off (US)

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Kangana Ranaut dies eating beef (IN)

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4.8 Earthquake NY (US)

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Apple cuts 600 jobs & self driving cars (US)

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Nationwide manhunt after stabbing in Bradford (UK)

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Case study
You are a transport office manager. One of your drivers reports a mechanical issue with their vehicle just before they are scheduled to depart on a delivery. What would you say to the driver?

Write out what you're going to say. 
Think of an issue that's going on an offer a solution. 

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Practise the case study with a partner

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Classroom Roulette

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Writing a letter
Write a letter to your school (ROC). 
Let them know what you will do for internship. Include when & where, 3 things you hope to see/do and 1 thing you do not look forward to. Start & end the letter appropriately.
Use around 150-200 words.

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Please fill out this survey, I need it for my study.

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End of Lesson
I wish you all a nice day, good luck on your test!

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