Speaking 201: Presenting and powerpoints

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In deze les zitten 28 slides, met interactieve quizzen en tekstslides.

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Presenting and Powerpoints 
A crash course in speaking

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  • Intro
  • Goals
  • Subjects and content
  • Powerpoints and layout
  • Quick draw
  • Wrap up 

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You'll be prepared to give a medium length speech in English.
You can make a well-structured powerpoint. 
You understand the concept of KISS. 

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A presentation needs a good subject. 
The more precise your subject, the fewer things there are to say.
The broader your subject, the more there is to say.

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A broad subject will also be all over the place.

Pick a subject that is narrow, but one that has got a lot of related topics. 

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On the next slide you will see a picture.
Study the picture and think what you'd have to say about that subject. 
Submit your answer on the slide thereafter. 

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Brainstorm time!

Slide 9 - Woordweb

Cohesion and conciseness. 
Now that you have a subject and a lot of things to talk about, it's time pick what you can actually talk about. 
On the next slide, submit 3 items you'd discuss. 

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What would you discuss?

Slide 11 - Open vraag

Putting it on a powerpoint

It's time for KISS.
Less is more. 

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Some key rules
  • No more than 3 lines per slide. 
  • One picture per slide.
  • Talk about what you show.
  • Make numbers visual.
  • Don't distract your audience. 
  • Check the first rule again.
  • Understand the irony. 

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Micro talks
Talk about what you show

The next slides will feature a single picture.

Talk for 30 seconds about the image.
Names will be random. 

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Stuff to talk about.
  • Look outside
  • Some weather we're having
  • What's for dinner?
  • What's up with the milk crate challenge?
  • Clearly this was a bad idea.
  • I think electricity isn't very well understood at all.  

Slide 24 - Tekstslide

Individually, pick a subject. Any subject of your choice. Write it down.

Brainstorm as many sub-subjects as you can for this subject.

Hand your paper to your neighbor. They will prepare a small talk about this subject for next week. 

Slide 25 - Tekstslide

What is a big no-no in a powerpoint?

Slide 26 - Open vraag

Broad or narrow subject?

Slide 27 - Poll

What is the best, most workable, most well-defined subject?
How does the US government work?
The history of America.
Business legislation in lower manhattan.
Space race.

Slide 28 - Quizvraag