Shakespeare Macbeth

Shakespeare Macbeth
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Shakespeare Macbeth

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Last week/today/next week
Last week we ended the lesson working on a forbidden love scene. 
Today you are going to work on another scene within a different theme.
Next week you will choose one of these performances to work on for a grade!

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  • Take a closer look at the work of William Shakespeare through the play of Macbeth.

  • Start the assignment of this week ' Betrayal vs Loyalty'

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Sssshhh! Did you know that some actors won’t even say the name of this play? Superstition says that the play is cursed, and just saying the word ‘Macbeth’ inside a theatre will cause disaster!

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What do you already know about Macbeth?

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Join the lesson-up and don't forget to...

- Use your own name (or you will be kicked out)
- Answer in English
- Only use your phone for lesson-up 

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The witches tell Macbeth he is the future king
Macbeth murders King Duncan
Macbeth gets promoted
Macbeth gets killed in the battle
Lady Macbeth plans King Duncan's murder
An army from England comes for Macbeth
Lady Macbeth goes mad with guilt and kills herself

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Themes in Macbeth

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power (let power over morals)
violence and consequences
conflict of good and evil

Loyalty and betrayal
Loyalty and betrayal are important themes in most of the scenes in Macbeth.  

A few examples.

Beginning of the play:

  • Loyal to the King and the country (Macbeth --> King/Scotland)
  • Loyal towards a friend (Banquo --> Macbeth)
  • Loyal to a husband/wife (Macbeth <--> Lady Macbeth)

Throughout the play:
  • Betrayal to the King and country (Macbeth kills King)
  • Betrayal towards a friend (Macbeth had Banquo killed by assasins)
  • Betrayal towards a husband/wife (Macbeth commits the crimes behind her back)

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Loyal to the King and the country: at the beginning of the play, Macbeth is loyal to King Duncan. He supports the King and defends Scotland to opposing armies.

Loyal to a friend: Banquo was very loyal to Macbeth, in the first parts of the play up until his death. Even when he suspected Macbeth wanted to kill the king.

Loyal to husband/wife: Macbeth (in the beginning) is loyal to Lady Macbeth because he listens to her and everything she tells him to do. Lady Macbeth showed that she was supportive to Macbeth and encouraged him to kill Duncan in order to clear all obstacles that would get in the way of Macbeth becoming King. They were very close and loving at the beginning of the play. 

This weeks assignment:

'Betrayal vs loyalty scene'
Create a performance within this theme...
+/4 people in a group (I made them)
performance should last +/- 3 minutes
think of a creative ending (not everyone has to die all the time, 
even though it's Shakespeare...)

Think about the 5 w's and make them really clear:

Who: characters *again, use other names
What: conflict about betrayal/loyalty 
Why: why and how did this betrayal take place? 
Where: location
When: time  

phone in bag

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Group 1.
Florine, Sofie, Sahand, Rowan

Group 2.
Marwan, Oscar, Sophie, Vera

Group  3.
Azra, Oswa, Julia, Aradhana

Group 4.
Souhaila, Amalia, Damian, Kerem

Group 5. 
Lev, Mirza, Kemal, Ranya, Ruby

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End of the lesson
- Think about which theme your prefer for your test assignment (forbidden love/betrayal vs loyalty)

- Please take time to evaluate this lesson/me as a teacher:

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